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How to participate

How to participate

For individuals to receive food from us, they must complete our Participant Survey. This survey will gather all relevant information we need to serve you. Once the survey is completed you can show up the Thursday of that week and we will check you in so you can go shopping. After the initial completion of this survey, each time you would like to receive food after your first time, we ask that all participants check in at the front desk of the pantry. 

Can’t come to the pantry but still want to receive your food?

Designate a proxy to pick up for you.

A “proxy” is a person you choose to come to Bobcat Bounty in your place. Your proxy picks up your food and then brings it to you. A proxy may receive food for themselves while also picking up food for you. Please note, you cannot attend in person and have the proxy pick up food for you in the same week.

To designate a proxy, download and complete the proxy authorization form, then email the completed form to A new proxy form must be completed each semester.